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Where do I even begin?

For being a first time home buyer I was definitley overwhelmed with everything. But there was Mike, he helped me every step of the way. Always going that extra mile. The level of service that he provided me is unparallel to any experience I've had in my life. Hands down the best realtor there is.

1st time Condo Buyer Closed May '17

Very patient and knowledgeable real estate professional who will put you in the home of your dreams.

First time Condo Buyer Closed Jan '18

I have purchased two condos with Mike and would recommend him in a heartbeat!

He is professional, knowledgeable, and is very responsive. Whether you are a new homebuyer or you have bought several properties, Mike will walk you through the process stress free. I’ve worked with several other realtors in the past and Mike truly raises the bar. He is honest and will always look out for your best interest. Mike is down to earth and is genuinely a great guy.

Condo Buyer Closed Aug '15

Mike was fantastic, great communicator.

I would use him over and over.

House Seller Closed Sep '18

Mike was very patient and helpful to me during my first home purchase.

I really enjoyed working with him and am grateful for all of his work and guidance through the process.

Condo Buyer Closed Jun '17

My partner and I had different ideas of the perfect place.

Mike was able to incorporate both of our wants in a place we are very happy in. There was a place that we really liked and wanted to put in an offer. Mike did some research and found problems with the building and potential special assessments and contractor problems. Eventhough, the issue would have come up during legal review, Mike's diligent investigation prevented us from losing time. We were also in an aggressive timeline and Mike made himself available to meet our needs and challenging schedules. I highly recommend him.

Condo Buyer Closed Mar '15

Mike was great!

He walked me thru every step & answered my endless amounts of questions. He also helped me find great financing & a great real estate attorney. I really appreciate everything he did for me ~ it was above & beyond what I expected.

Condo Buyer Closed Jun '17

Mike is very laid back and easy to work with.

Didnt try to push us into anything and made sure we felt comfortable through-out the whole process. He was very knowledgeable on what to look out for in the condo-buying process, which really helped us as first-time buyers

Condo Buyer Closed Apr '18

We were first time buyers and Mike was always available to patiently answer every question we had form searching to closing.

He made the process fun and painless. Thanks, Mike!

Condo Buyer Closed Nov '17

Mike was great!

He followed up, referred us to a lender and attorney. He communicated with us often and answerd every question timely. We will be using him in the future!

House Buyer Closed Dec '14

It was a pleasure to have Mike as our realtor.

We were first-time buyers, he walked us through the process and made it simple and smooth. He was very quick to respond to all queries/concerns. He is very professional, knowledgeble and thorough, and yet very friendly and candid. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning to buy a home.

1st time Condo Buyer Closed Aug '14

Mike is a superstar.

He listens and learns what his clients want (even reconciling the nuances between my wife and I) and then only took us to properties that were closely aligned. A drastic difference and time saver compared to realtors that send every listing that matches the broad criteria and leaving us to sort through. Where Mike really stood out was when our deal on one property went south he managed out the complications while deftly getting us to see a property that wasn't even listed yet but he knew would come to market. We loved it and the only through his handling of a strenuous negotiation were we able to close. We wouldn't have this house without him!

Condo Buyer Closed Mar '15

Mike was extremely helpful throughout my home search and with providing guidance in a new process when purchasing my first home.

I've passed Mike's information along to friends and mention his name whenever I hear somebody is looking for a new home.

1st time House Buyer Closed Aug '14

Working with Mike is a great experience!

He is extremely knowledgeable, always reachable, and kept us completely informed. He gave my wife and I a lot of reassurance throughout the seemingly daunting process of purchasing our first home. I definitely recommend Mike

1st time Condo Buyer Closed May '16

Greatest Realtor Ever!

Due to the Economy I was forced to sell my home in a tuff Short Sale. Mike is knowledge, hard working, aggressive, trustworthy, responsive and will get the job done! You just can't hire a better man-Call Mike!

Condo Seller Closed Oct '17

I had a great experience working with MIke!

This was the first place that I ever bought and he walked me through the entire process. He was so helpful, patient, easy going, and thorough. I have already recommended him to a couple of friends who were interested in buying and he successfully helped my friend buy a place. She had nothing but great things to say about Mike as well. I highly recommend working with him!!!

1st time Condo Buyer Closed Feb '15

Do to conditions on my side I had to take my property on and off the market, have it rented, and deal with other issues and Mike stood by me the entire time and went above and beyond with each needed item.

Also considering that my listing was for only 100K most realtors could have just said no thanks, he came through on every point and would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for excellent customer service.

Condo Seller Closed Jun '17

As a first-time home buyer, Mike was absolutely amazing to work with.

He took my husband and me to countless condos to determine not only the area we wanted to buy in, but also the type of condo we wanted to buy. He was patient with us during the entire process and answered all of our questions promptly (and there were a lot of them). From when we decided on the condo that was right for us up until the day after closing, Mike was extremely diligent and ensured we were fully aware of everything that was happening. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and use him down the road if/when we move again.

1st time Condo Buyer Closed Dec '15

Mike knows Chicago real estate and was great to work with.

He is always on time and prepared for showings. He has a good eye and is helpful on walk-throughs and appraisals.

Multi-Family Home Buyer Closed Sep '14

Mike was outstanding !

He covered all The bases that a agent should do that most Others don't ! Mike is a true professional And made my buying expeirence exceptional !

Condo Buyer Closed Apr '15

Mike was wonderful and so professional!

I would highly recommend mike

Condo Seller Closed Jul '16

MIke was great to work with, and I highly recommend him!

I was a first time home buyer, and he was patient with me throughout the process and with all of my questions. We toured around 10 brick and timber lofts over two weeks and finally found exactly what I was looking for! Mike is very experienced, honest, and knows history about many condo units throughout the area. Don't hesitate to reach out to Mike for all of your real estate needs! -Brandon

Condo Buyer Closed Apr '18

Mike helped me sell my place and buy another, and it all happened in a mere 35 days.

What should have been a crazy stressful experience actually wasn't that bad thanks to Mike. On the selling side, Mike was awesome. Sure, I was lucky in that I had a nice place (if I do say so myself) that showed great, but Mike helped me price it right in the "sweet spot" (as he called it), he made himself available for showings no matter how early they were (and one was painfully early), and....voila... we had TWO offers within the first week of it being on the market. TWO! (For comparison, an identical unit in my building sat on the market for a year. Mine was under contract in a week. Maybe that seller should have called Mike. Just sayin'.) Mike helped me weigh the pros and cons of each offer, was super patient with me during the counter offer process, and really educated me on which would be the best offer. On the buying side, Mike earned every penny of his commission. Inventory is low right now, which was great for me as a seller, but as a buyer it sucked. Places were going under contract in the blink of an eye, and on top of all that, the buyer of my place wanted to close in less than three weeks. Like any sane person I detest moving, but I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that I was going to have to move twice. When I finally did find a place I wanted, it happened to be unoccupied so Mike worked out a deal so I could take possession prior to closing, which apparently isn't normal, but it meant I didn't have to move twice. That alone made Mike my hero, and I don't know what he had to do to convince the sellers, but whatever he did obviously worked -- the seller told me at closing she had everyone (including her lawyer) telling her not to allow it, so kudos to him and his magic to get her to say yes. In the end, the stress of selling and buying was made a lot easier with Mike. The fact that this all happened in 35 days is insane, but it went as smoothly as it could thanks to him. During the whole process he was excellent at communication, whether it was phone, email, or text. I was never left wondering about anything. On top of it all, Mike is just a cool guy with a sense of humor and fun to chat with, which is always a bonus. Needless to say, I'd totally use him again, but... too bad I'm never moving again. :) You, on the other hand, should stop wasting your time reading reviews and just hire him. You won't regret it.

Seller and Buyer

He's professional and straight forward.

Seems to have a large outreach of clients as well as kept in contact with his professional peers, both very important from our (being the seller) perspective. We used him to sell our 2 condos and have recommended him to family and friends to which they have used him and same opinions.

Condo Seller Closed Mar '15

We were new to the US and how the purchase of property works here.

Mike was a god send to us, he allowed us to use ample of his time. Always acted very professionally was extremely expedient with calls and returned messages. He has a genuine approach with helping his clients achieve the best results that is suited for them. I won't be going to anyone else in the future but Mike when it comes to property advice. We finished our deal with Mike being a friend and are looking forward to living in our new condo. Thanks Mike for all your help.

Condo Buyer Closed May '18

I had a great experience with Mike as an out-of-town seller.

He provided a great on-the-ground assessment of needed improvements and tactics to sell my condo, and was mindful of cost/benefit considerations throughout the process. During my condo's time on the market, Mike also secured good traffic and showings, and always sought and shared feedback so we knew where we stood. When we got an offer, Mike provided excellent counsel during negotiations, and was a trusted resource all the way through closing.

Condo Seller Closed Mar '15

Mike was incredible to work with.

We're out of town and our time line was short. He found the perfect properties for us to see and maximized the time we did have. Mike's professional, but relaxed. A perfect combination for a stressful transaction.

Condo Buyer Closed Feb '17

This is the second property that Mike helped us purchase.

We literally cannot say enough good things about him. Any realtor can set up appointments. Good realtors are able the learn your taste and screen for those that most closely match your criteria. Only the best can navigate the negotiation process of complicated transactions. Mike is one of the best I've ever seen. On top of that, he has deep relationships with contractors and service providers to quickly assess what work can be done at what price. When our closing date shifted because of an issue with the seller, he even stepped in and did the closing for us. We will not buy a property in Chicago without using him.

House Buyer Closed Oct '16

Mike was great to work with- friendly, relaxed, gave great feedback and advice, and was incredibly fast and responsive the whole way through the process.

Condo Buyer Closed Mar '18

"I was recommended to Mike through a friend.

It worked out far better than expected. When I initially decided to start looking for a house, I was skeptical. The Chicago market is tough. I had tried buying within my price range before just to have the deal fall apart right before closing. Mike didn't waste our time. My girlfriend and I had a fifteen minute face-to-face meeting with him to explain what we were looking for and that was it. He never sent us a property that we didn't immediately love. I made an offer on one of the first places Mike took us to see and we closed 2 months later! Anybody that is serious about buying in the city should give Mike a call.

Townhome Buyer Closed May '14

We really enjoyed working with Mike.

As first time home buyers he was very patient about walking us through the process and answering all our questions. He was professional and did everything in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend him!

1st time Condo Buyer Closed Jan '18

Unsure of what to do after I found out my business had to relocate due to a pending redevelopment of my block, I decided to find an agent with experience in commercial real estate.

Luckily for me, I found Mike Ryan who has experience in both commercial and residential real estate and I could not be any happier. This man is a master negotiator. Within one day of asking for his help he presented me with a list of viable options. When we decided to pursue the top choices, he quickly was able to arrange site visits at these locations. We eventually zeroed in on one particular location. Not only did he negotiate the rent down several THOUSAND dollars/month from the original asking price but ALSO was able to get me a full year of reduced rent (6 months of which were free and 6 months half off), as well as installation of a brand new HVAC along with all plumbing/electrical done at the landlords expense. He has a way about him to present things to the other party with common sense. When the negotiations got contentious, at least in my case, his approach was able to win me for the most part what I wanted in the deal. Even after his part in the process was finished and he had nothing left to gain (lawyers ironing out the final legal mumbo jumbo with the lease document), he still took it upon himself to address concerns. This was helpful because it saved me in legal fees if I had to have my lawyer address the issues instead. If you are looking for help with commercial or residential real estate I would not hesitate to give Mike Ryan a call.

Commercial lease closed Dec 15
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